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Welcome to the This site is designed for students currently studying A-levels (A- and AS-level) or IB. It is designed to help you in your studies, to help you to choose which university to attend and what to study there, and what career you can expect to enter after university.


The A-level podcasts on the index pages are all presented by university lecturers who are research specialists on the fields they cover. All the questions and topics they address have been provided by the major exam boards (AQA, Edexcel and OCR) or by teachers. Each individual podcast has a synopsis and list of resources. These resources may include suggestions for further reading, relevant web links, copies of the slides used in the presentation or postscripts provided by teachers and examiners. Towards the bottom of each podcast page, you will find a “discussion” box. We encourage our users to contribute questions or to propose answers to questions relevant to the given podcast. Discussions are moderated, so irrelevant comments will not appear. We hope you’ll find that the discussion is a useful companion to the podcast.

The Faculties websites also help you choose where to study your favourite subject at university. If you click on the “universities” button on the menu bar above, you can either view the podcasts offering general advice, or select a university from the menu on the right. There you will find “information at a glance” – statistics with which you can compare university departments, and “information in depth” that gives you a deeper and more detailed picture than the statistics and league tables can provide. On some pages there will also be a video provided by the university department.

The third part of the site helps you see what careers can follow a given programme of study. If you click on “careers” button, you can either view the podcasts offering general careers advice, or select an employer from the menu on the right. You will then see top employers’ videos describing what they value in graduates of your chosen discipline, what sort of job you might expect at the end of your degree, why you should work for them, what sort of money you might expect to earn, what you might be doing after one year or five years, and other information.

Note is meant to augment your studies, to help you understand a difficult subject or to give you an understanding of what it is like studying a particular topic at university. We hope they will help you but we of course cannot guarantee that you will receive a good or even passing grade because you have viewed them.

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